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Modular Home designs and styles have advanced immensely, especially within the last 10 years.  The Modular designs today are exciting, offering cost and schedule advantages that you won't get with common stick built homes and are offered in any design or layout that you can dream.  Today, you can fully customize your home design and have the home built exactly to spec.  And with the technology advantages that Modular Construction has to offer, with significant savings in time, effort and cost to have your new home construction completed, you will not find a better new home solution.

At ModularHomes.Net we will assist you to learn the differences between modular homes, manufactured homes and prefab homes construction. We offer you free resources to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each method, the background on manufacturers and which factories in North American offer the best constructed homes at affordable prices. We also provide you access to our builder network where you can start discussion with a local builder.  Be sure to get the FREE E-Books about modular and manufactured homes construction.  It is your essential starting point to understand what you need to know about modular construction and how to get the best deal possible.

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The Advantages of Modular Homes

The Modular Home or Factory Built Industry offer numerous advantages to consumers.  The homes are built at lower cost, in faster time, and in a factory controlled setting, not out in the open exposed to the elements like site-built homes.  Also,  modular manufacturers enjoy an economy of scale by producing homes in a standardized and automated process that can help them achieve cost savings.  These savings from discounts on materials and design re-use allow them to pass the savings on to you.

Find out why Modular Homes are the lowest cost of construction when building or remodeling. Modular home advantages:

Learn which Modular Home Builders Rate Best in the USA

Unbiased modular home ratings and reviews on over 80 different manufacturers in North America. If you're just starting your search for a modular home our "Modular Home Ratings Guide" is a must read! With over nine years of research and countless interviews, you will learn how modular home companies compare to each other in the areas of: Quality Construction, Design/Style, Appraised Value and Price.

Our staff rates each modular home plant, based on: data collected from interviews with each company, various builders and associations within the industry. You can spend months or years researching different builders or you can read our best-selling resource and know who's who in the industry in a matter of hours. Don't waste your time driving from one builder to the next only to hear, "This factory builds the best homes". Get the facts with fair and balanced ratings from a consumer group with no ties or connections to the modular housing industry.

Manufactured Home Ratings & Reviews

Imagine having unbiased ratings for over 65 different manufactured home factories in North America at your finger tips. With concise reviews, comprehensive rating charts and money saving tips, it’s no wonder our publication is considered the best consumer resource for manufactured home buyers.

Our best-selling book has helped tens of thousands of buyers just like you find quality manufactured home companies that meet your expectations without breaking your budget.

Our guide is up-to-date with accurate information based on solid research. While it is impossible to know the financial stability of every manufactured home factory, we have done our best to put forth our findings based on data collected from a variety of sources.

Why choose Modular construction over traditional building methods?

Modular homes or system-built homes are assembled in a factory controlled environment, utilizing cutting edge technology. Modular homes can be built from existing floor plans or from your own custom floor plans.  Your Modular Manufacturer or Builder will help you evaluate the hundred of designs that are out there to find the best one suited for you.  Whether you are a growing family looking to expand or a retiree looking to simplify your life, a modular home can be the budget conscious decision that you have been thinking about.

Modular homes, system-built, or prefab homes have no design limits - any shape or size can be constructed and all will meet or exceed your local and state building codes. There are fewer restrictions on placing a modular home and they are recognized as equivalent to any site-built home construction   Even the  interest rates and loan types for new construction loans are the same for modular housing as compared to building a conventional home.

Are Prefab or Panelized homes the same as Modular homes?

Panelized homes or sometimes referred to as a prefab homes can represent a number of construction methods. The most common method involves the building of individual walls, or wall sections in a factory. Panelized home builders are the biggest and most diverse segment of the factory-built housing industry.

Panelized homes are different compared to modular homes and manufactured homes. There are some similarities, but prefab homes utilize “Components” or “wall units” that are pre-built in a controlled environment, (factory).

Once the re-built walls are delivered to job site a general contract or the home owner acting as the owner builder will erect the walls. Remember, modular homes or manufactured homes are built in sections and those sections are delivered to site. With modular or manufactured 85% to 90% of the home is completed at the factory. With prefab housing only the walls are assembled at the factory and the majority of work still remains on-site. The main advantage of panelized homes over stick-built homes is - shorter build time because walls are pre-built and lower labor costs. Learn more about the benefits of panelized homes.

How much do Modular homes cost?

According to industry statistics, modular construction projects have more than doubled in the last ten years. This is because the modular building process provides time and cost savings. Since they are built inside a factory, the weather does not cause delays, which greatly reduces labor costs. All the fabrication being done at one location allows the factories to buy bulk quantities of supplies at greatly reduced rates, these savings are then passed on to the consumer.

The costs will vary depending on where you live, but a general guide is that Genuine modular homes will cost $50 to $80 per sq. ft. (not including property). To build a stick-built home the average cost is around $80 to $150 per sq. ft. (not including property).

Over the years I have spoken to many modular home builders regarding cost and savings. Some say that by using modular construction you can save 30% or more. Others I have spoken to take a different approach and say there is no real cost savings, except quicker build times. And still others say one can typically save 10% to 20%. I tend to lean towards the later point of view and estimate the savings to be around 15% with quicker build times of three months or less compared to stick-built construction. With quicker build times and a possible savings of 10% to 15% it’s clear why more and more people are turning to modular housing. Learn more about the benefits of modular homes.

What are the differences between a Modular & Manufactured home?

There seems to be some confusion about the differences between a modular and manufactured homes. Modular homes are not manufactured homes or mobile homes. Manufactured homes are built according to the federal building Code, (HUD). This requires all manufactured homes to have a non-removable steel chassis, which severely limits their design options.

Manufactured homes generally come in single units or two-section units. In certain parts of the country you can also find three and four-section units. A manufactured home can be placed on a basement. In general, manufactured homes are single-story homes that are placed on a blocking system that supports the steel I-beams under each section.

Today’s manufactured homes come with many of the same features  typically found in a standard stick-built home: living and dining rooms with vaulted ceilings, skylights, fireplaces, modern kitchens and premium appliances, large bedrooms with walk-in closets, bathrooms with whirlpool tubs, ceramic tile, hardwood floors and more! The options are almost limitless! The manufactured housing industry boasts they are the most affordable option when it comes to housing. Manufactured homes normally cost $35 to $65 per square foot, (home only). Additional costs include land purchase and site improvements.

Are Modular homes GREEN?

Modular home or prefab homes have long had a history of being progressive in design, technology and materials use.  Increasingly with the supply of sustainable, low impact, and ecologically friendly building materials, Modular Manufacturers have been fast to incorporate the options into their home designs.  The designs are also more advanced in their use of materials and design to make sure the home you get meets all of your requirements.  Now the modular housing industry is challenging the economics of innovative design with the drive for more sustainable designs and construction.

Most modular home companies are ENERGY STAR® compliant. When a home finishes at the factory, it must be ENERGY STAR® certified. These homes must achieve the guidelines for energy efficiency established by the U.S. EPA; that is, they must be at minimum 15% more energy efficient than site built homes that follow the International Residential Code (IRC).  Often times they include additional energy-saving features that can increase the typical savings to 20–30% more efficient than standard homes.

The other benefit of building green is that it can increase your home’s resale value and give you an edge when its time to sell. The energy savings alone can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in only a few short years in heating and cooling costs.   Other advantages include the improved air quality since less formaldehyde is used in green construction. Finally, a modular green home's construction creates less material waste .


Finding a Modular Home Builder

Building a home is likely one of the most expensive and complicated endeavors that you will ever undertake in your life.  Any time that you are making that large of an investment, you want to make sure that you have done your howework and partnerd with a builder and manufacturer that will produce the best home for you.  Your home will be where you reside with family and friends and share life's memories; When you are ready to undertake this project you will need to be well informed.

Savvy homebuyers already know that modular homes offer more for their hard earned money than standard built homes. A modular home is a home designed in a factory, built in sections, and assembled on site. This controlled process allows for reduced costs, better craftsmanship and the ability for the homeowner to purchase a larger home. Modular homes are not mobile homes. Mobile homes or house trailers are built on wheels and are meant to be moved. A modular home is secured on the property just like a standard built home.

What many modular home buyers worry about is finding the right contractor to assemble their new home. Well, there is no longer any reason to worry. has taken all the issues out of finding the perfect contractor. Modular homes network is a nationwide network of modular home builders. These contractors have met all the requirements necessary to qualify as modular home builders. These professionals are the “go to” companies in the industry.

When you fill out the contact form on our site, you will receive our guides about building a modular home. These free guides will help empower you, as the consumer, so that the home building process will be smooth sailing. When you educate yourself about the modular home industry you will be able to purchase, and build, your home worry free. The information you will find in our guides is a compellation of many months worth of research and verification. You will receive these useful guides when you fill out a request for information from a builder in your state.

There is an old cliché that states “knowledge is power”. This could not be any truer than when you are building your own home. Equipping yourself with the right information, that is well researched and complete, will allow you to make all the right choices when building. Home ownership is said to be one of the greatest gifts that one can give them selves. Make sure that you do not need to re-gift your purchase by taking advantage of the free guides offered here.



Our best-selling books and manuals have been helping home buyers considering modular housing since 1999. Our research team has been providing unbiased reviews and comprehensive ratings on over 80 different modular home factories in North America.

The “Modular Home Ratings Guide” has been updated nine times since it was first published in 2000. This guide is the comprehensive  resource for home buyer and especially a home buyer interested in new home or modular home construction. The book is packed with information on selecting a manufacturer, negotiating with your builder, financing options and everything you need to know to safely venture the modular home construction process.

Our research team dispels the misconceptions about the limitations of modular construction and shows potential buyers that a factory-built home can be as good as, if not better than, houses built with traditional stick-frame construction. In our book you will learn how to choose the best builder for your project, how to select the right loan and how to negotiate with your builder.

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Discover the Benefits of Building Modular

Modular Homes: Top 10 Reasons to Build Modular

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