Overall costs are reduced when utilizing modular construction

Overall costs are reduced when utilizing modular construction

Home Buyers are looking for ways to reduce cost and overhead,” states Randall Eaton, President and CEO of J R Consumer Resources, Inc. “Building with modular homes is a win, win for both home buyers and developers.”

One reason why modular homes are growing at a record pace is because of how the manufacturers are working with developers, builders and individual home buyers. Many modular home companies work with their clients to help them beat the bottom line, by offering a controlled building environment along with a faster, more efficient building process.

Five IMPORTANT reasons why builders and home buyers should consider using modular construction:

  1. Controlled Environment: Modular and Manufactured homes are built by highly trained professionals in a controlled environment. Less day to day headaches or stress!
  2. Theft: What is that? Due to modular homes being set and secure in one to two days, there is very little, if any, theft at all.
  3. Weather Tight: Dry kiln wood built inside a controlled environment means no mildew issues, resulting in less customer call backs and service issues.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Modular Homes, Inc. houses are ‘greener’ and gain points for LEED Certification which means a better environment for everyone.
  5. Faster Build Time: Happy neighbors and municipalities with a better return on investment.

If you’re considering a Modular Home or a Manufactured Home our best selling publication, “The Complete Guide to Modular Housing” is a must have resource. Over nine years of research and thousands of hours of interviews and collecting data, there is only one real consumer guide for those looking to purchase a factor built home.

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