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Modular homes can save a significant amount of effort and investment. Nevertheless, there are some important guidelines that should be taken into account when planning a modular building or contacting a modular home dealer.

Here are some straight forward guidelines that should be considered before choosing a modular home:

# 1. Check the factory to make sure they have a good status for quality and service. Check out for how many years they have been in business, the specifications they follow, or visit the facility itself. Check out their sample homes also.

# 2. Research the builder. You will need a regional building agency, that works with the company, to handle all the work on the site such as digging and building the basement, making ready and completing jobs on the lot, choosing the positioning of the home on the plot and finishing the job that was not complete in the facility. Get references from your builder for his or her clients and suppliers, and check them out. You have to know a builder ensures good craftsmanship, on-time delivery, & monetary consistency.

# 3. Be meticulous with your research. Know all the things you should know relating to window frames, doors, counter tops, and others. Pay a visit to building materials stores, kitchen designing firms, etc., so that you can take a proper choice about each item. Check the plans for the dwelling properly, to make sure the sizes and locations of the rooms, placement of doorways, dimensions of the roof, etc., are exactly what you need. It may be advisable to consider a planner's opinion if you are making bigger changes to a general layout or want a unique house plan.

# 4. Be precise with respect to the amount of time it may take to complete your home. It may take 4-5 days for the company to build the house, and a week for it to be delivered, but it can take many weeks to get to that stage. Engineers make the blueprints, and these designs have to be certified by the local authorities, before the house can even get in the line to be constructed. It may also take more time for other things to be built.

# 5. Budget realistically & completely. Quotes from the building agency do not generally include appliances, carpets, walkways and landscaping. These things should be taken care of separately. Ask your builder for an itemized list of all the things that is included, and more importantly, find items not included in the list.

You can save from 15 to 25 % by building a modular home rather than a normal house, and lots of time. You can also end up with a higher quality house and a more satisfying overall experience, if you do the research and plan carefully. Finding the right facility and the right building firm are the important ingredients to winning.

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